The Cookbook

This is a work in progress.

Learn to cook. When you're comfortable with all of the following, I believe that you can go out to the farmer's market or the grocery store and buy fresh, seasonal, whole foods and turn them into tasty & nutritious meals for yourself, your family and friends all the time.

Each of the following items on this checklist will eventually become active links to short chapters.
Progress: 8/27 active links.

The List

   (Before you start:)
-1. have some basic equipment*
0. have some basic ingredients on hand

1. shop for produce
2. shop for meat

3. understand prep vs. production

4. knife skills
5. prep meat for cooking
6. keep your work area clean

7. understand wet vs. dry cooking

8. saute/sweat
9. deglaze a pan & make a sauce
10. boil/simmer/poach
11. roast/bake/broil
12. test meat for doneness
13. grill
14. braise/stew

15. taste for seasoning/balance flavors

16. make stock
17. make soup
18. make salad
19. make sandwiches
20. make naked casseroles
21. cook grains/legumes

22. research the cuisines of other cultures for ideas
23. *use what you do have in the kitchen to substitute for things you don't have
24. plan your meals and cook in advance
25. use your leftovers creatively