Monday, May 23, 2011

The May CK was Awesome

Dear May Community Kitchen,

You were very different but very fun, and I think I like you.

Love Ryan

I bought a bunch of food immediately before the community kitchen, food that was inexpensive, nutritious and locally available. I brought it to the kitchen, stood back and asked everybody what they wanted to cook. Didn't write any recipes, didn't have much of an idea what people were going to choose to make. Giving up control was a lot of fun, and the results were delicious and nutritious.

It worked out well, so I want to stick with this format for the time being. I like that it keeps us on our toes, and enforces the idea that as long as you know how to cook, you can get anything in front of you and make a tasty meal. It makes the community kitchen a place where we can all practice doing that so that cooking from scratch at home is that much easier. 

So, this is what I bought:
organic chicken drumsticks
1 bag lentils
1 box pasta
1 bag brown rice

yellow onions
bell peppers
green cabbage
yukon gold potatoes
red chard
broccoli rabe

Togarashi shichimi (Japanese seven-spice)
Melange Classique spice blend

And out of this, we made Seven Spice Greens and Pasta Salad, French Lentil Stew, Braised Chicken and Vegetables over Rice. None of these were my ideas; the pasta and vegetable salad in particular was something I don't think I would have thought of, and it rocked. 

There were only three of us, so we had lots of food to eat and take home. It's Monday and I'm still eating leftovers we made on Thursday. In June, we will have lots of new delicious fruits and vegetables to play with. Come cook with us on June 16th at 5:30 at the Pike Place Market!

Bring your sexiest heels.

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